2022 ASHFoundation Awards and Honorees

ASHFoundation Awards $645,000 to 79 Innovators

Conferred during the ASHFoundation annual Founders Breakfast on November 18, 2022.

Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award

Edythe A. Strand
Professor Emeritus, Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN
Affiliate Professor, University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Louis M. DiCarlo Award for Recent Clinical Achievement

Awarded $2,500

Shanna Stack
Speech-Language Pathologist and Co-Owner
Moving Mountains Therapy Center
Missoula, MT

Rolland J. Van Hattum Award for Contribution in the Schools

Awarded $2,000; School system awarded $500

Julie Malone
Speech-Language Pathologist
La Mesa-Spring Valley School District
Chula Vista, CA

State Clinical Achievement Award

Kamela Rowland
Little Rock Southwest High School

Deborah Campbell
Superior Therapy Services, Inc.

Elisa Green
St. Ambrose University

Marena Mitchell
Bringing Therapy Home, LLC

Katie Strong
Central Michigan University

Shanna Stack
Moving Mountains Therapy Center

Yvette McCoy
Moravian University

South Carolina
Michele Norman
Francis Marion University

South Dakota
Jane Heinemeyer
Speech and Language Solutions

Researcher-Practitioner Collaboration Grant

Awarded $35,000 per team

Susan Fager
Director, Communication Center, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals
Jessica Gormley
Assistant Professor; Research Coordinator, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Proposal: Exploration of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Training Supports for Health Care Providers

Julie Feuerstein
Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
Jennifer Tucker
Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
Proposal: Facilitating Intentional Communication in Young Children With Complex Communication and Motor Needs: Integrating Communication and Motor Supports to Optimize Treatment Effects

Elizabeth Kelley
Associate Professor, University of Missouri
Claire Willard
Speech and Language Coordinator, Columbia Public Schools
Proposal: Supporting Speech-Language Pathologists in Academic Vocabulary Intervention (SSAVI)

Pamela Souza
Professor, Northwestern University
Heidi Hill
Owner, Hearing Health Clinic
Proposal: Clinical Application of Cognitive Assessment in Audiology

New Century Scholars Research Grant

Awarded $25,000 each

Sabrina Horvath
Assistant Professor, Medical University of South Carolina
Proposal: Syntactic Bootstrapping in Late Talkers

Erin Kamarunas
Associate Professor, James Madison University
Proposal: Predictive Value of Oral Sensory Perception on Dysphagia
Swallowing Research Fund

Çagla Kantarcigil
Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Proposal: Examining the Impact of Haptic Cues on Swallowing Frequency in Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Eun Jin Paek
Assistant Professor, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Proposal: Behavioral Outcomes and Neural Correlates of a Multifactorial Treatment Approach in Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type

New Investigators Research Grant

Awarded $10,000 each

Tiana Cowan
Postdoctoral Fellow, Boys Town National Research Hospital
Proposal: Factors Influencing Adaptation to Unfamiliar Accented Speech for Bilingual and Monolingual Children

Hope Gerlach-Houck
Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University
Professor: Real-time Assessment of Daily Discrimination Experiences and Mood States Among Adults Who Stutter

Teresa Girolamo
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut
Proposal: Determining the Role of Social Determinants of Health in Young Adulthood Outcomes of Autistic Black, Indigenous, and People of Color With Language Impairment

Kelsey Klein
Assistant Professor, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Proposal: Children's Real-Time Spoken Word Recognition While Listening in Two-Talker Speech

Caroline Larson
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut
Proposal: Language-Related Neural Function in Developmental Language Disorder
Lois Bloom Language Development Research Fund

Helen Long
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Proposal: Prelinguistic Vocal Behaviors in Infants at Risk of Cerebral Palsy Under 24 Months

Alison Prahl
Assistant Professor, Baylor University
Proposal: Treatment to Improve Language Outcomes for Young Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Written Language Intervention for Functional Texts

Kaila Stipancic
Postdoctoral Research Associate, University at Buffalo
Proposal: Effects of Speaker and Listener Characteristics on the Minimally Detectable Change of Speech Intelligibility: Dysarthria Etiology, Speech Severity, and Listener Experience

Laura Toles
Assistant Professor, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Proposal: Defining Clinically Important Differences in Cepstral and Spectral Measures in Individuals With and Without Phonotrauma

Speech Science Research Grant

Dennis Klatt Memorial Fund
Awarded $10,000

Katherine Marks
Postdoctoral Associate, Boston University
Proposal: Concurrent Validity of an Automated Acoustic Outcome Measure for Adductor Laryngeal Dystonia

Student Research Grant in Audiology

Ira M. Ventry and Brad W. Friedrich Memorial Funds
Awarded $2,000

Donguk Lee
PhD Candidate, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Mentor: James Lewis
Proposal: Evaluation of Efferent Unmasking Using Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials

Laurel Money-Nolan
PhD Candidate, University of South Alabama
Mentor: Ashley Flagge
Proposal: The Influence of Yoga Training on Functional and Physiological Measures of Balance

Elizabeth Tobener
PhD Candidate, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Mentor: Steven Doettl
Proposal: Effect of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss on Video Ocular Counter Roll Measurements

Student Research Grant in Early Childhood Language Development

Arlene M. and Noel D. Matkin Memorial Fund
Awarded $2,000 each

Lauramarie Pope
PhD Candidate, Pennsylvania State University
Mentor: Janice Light
Proposal: Supporting the Early Language Development of Young Children on the Autism Spectrum: Incorporating Augmentative and Alternative Communication into Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Interventions

Katharine Radville
PhD Candidate, MGH Institute of Health Professions
Mentor: Tiffany Hogan
Proposal: The Effects of a Caregiver Training on Developmental Language Disorder

New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship

Awarded $10,000 each

Niyazi Arslan
Arizona State University
Area of Study: Cochlear Implants and Pitch Perception

Victoria Diedrichs
The Ohio State University
Area of Study: Adult Acquired Neurogenic Communication Impairments

Steven Gianakas
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Area of Study: Speech Perception in Individuals With Hearing Loss
Wayne and Marilyn Olsen Audiology Research Fund

Jenna Griffin
University of Montana
Area of Study: Rehabilitative Care for Stroke Survivors With Aphasia

Micah Hirsch
Florida State University
Area of Study: Motor Speech Disorders and Speech Perception

Jingyu Linna Jin
University of Washington
Area of Study: Culturally Responsive Clinical Practice

Daniel Kim
Vanderbilt University
Area of Study: Motor Speech Disorders

Erica Lescht
University of Pittsburgh
Area of Study: Developmental Stuttering

Elizabeth Lydon
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Area of Study: Neurogenic Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Alaina Martens
Northeastern University
Area of Study: Pediatric Dysphagia and Early Speech Development

Janine Mathee-Scott
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Area of Study: Early Language Development in Autism Spectrum and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Mariah Morton
Auburn University
Area of Study: Voice and Upper Airway Physiology

Katlyn Nickels
University of Arizona
Area of Study: Evidence-Based Treatment Protocols for Primary Progressive Aphasia

Jordanna Sevitz
Columbia University
Area of Study: Rehabilitation of Swallowing and Cough Function in Neurodegenerative Populations

Emily Thompson
Vanderbilt University
Area of Study: Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation

Anna Tinnemore
University of Maryland, College Park
Area of Study: Speech Perception and Language Processing in Adults With Cochlear Implants

Hasini Weerathunge
Boston University
Area of Study: Auditory and Somatosensory Speech Motor Control in Parkinson’s Disease

Graduate Student Scholarship

Awarded $5,000 each

Esly Arevalo
MS Candidate, Stephen F. Austin State University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Petronella Bhemba
MS Candidate, Baldwin Wallace University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Ryleigh Caldwell
MA Candidate, Indiana University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Lauren Clarke
MS Candidate, Brigham Young University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Kaylee Commet
MS Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Barbara De Jesus-Rivera
SLPD Candidate, Nova Southeastern University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Sonia De Los Rios Medina
MS Candidate, University of Washington
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Angela Ding
MS Candidate, Vanderbilt University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Calvin Duong
AuD Candidate, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Program: Audiology

Mandy Durland
MA Candidate, Utah State University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Amber Gerasimchik
AuD Candidate, University of Florida
Program: Audiology

Nayanika Ghosh
PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin
Program: Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences

Ashley Hart
MA Candidate, Columbia University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Minna Natsuko Ito
MS Candidate, Boston University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Nicola Keeton
PhD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh
Program: Audiology

Da Mok Min
AuD Candidate, San Diego State University/University of California San Diego
Program: Audiology

Alana Tran
MS Candidate, San Francisco State University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Tynashia Whitaker
MA Candidate, University of Houston
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Jacob Wright
MA Candidate, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

International Student Scholarship

Kala Singh Memorial Fund
Awarded $5,000 each

Olutayo Kayode
MS Candidate, Minot State University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology

Tadeas Lunga
PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Program: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Minority Student Scholarship

Minority Scholarship Fund
Awarded $5,000 each

Mickenly Doyle
MA Candidate, San Diego State University
Program: Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences

Pa Chee Lor
AuD Candidate, University of Kansas
Program: Audiology

NSSLHA Scholarship

NSSLHA Scholarship Fund
Awarded $5,000 each

Alicia Parsons
MA Candidate, The Ohio State University
Program: Speech-Language Pathology